Thursday, May 10, 2012

the ten.2

1. Since starting this new job in March, Brian has had a reduced staff due to pregnancies, injuries, and people just plain up and leaving the Army (not blaming them!).  So we're lucky when he makes it home in time to just see the littles before they get tucked into bed.  And when he actually gets home early enough to play with them before bed?  We're all in heaven.
2.  I have been laughing at all her posts, especially dealing with a busy little boy and a newborn girl.  Been there!  Plus I can commiserate with being a sahm AND an Army spouse. 
3.  I got to spend the whole day out and about in Jefferson City last Saturday all by myself (thank you, Brian!!).  I hit a couple of thrift stores, ate a leisure lunch out, stopped at a craft store, Barnes & Nobles, a couple clothing stores, and topped it all off with a trip to Target.  Yes, our closest Target is 1 1/2 hours away.  Sad times.  It was an awesome day, and I snagged a couple of gems thrifting, including these Pyrex refrigerator dishes that match some of my hand-me-down Pyrex.  Cute!
4.  I'm so looking forward to a long visit from my parents next week- especially because Brian will be in the field the whole time.  This is like a business trip if you don't speak military.  It's so much easier to be a mom when your own mom is around.  True story.
5.  I realized when I saw this recipe that I have never cooked with beets before!  Crazy!  Probably because Brian detests them, but since he'll be gone next week I think I'll try them out.  Looks delicious.
6.  I'm looking forward to planting my herbs and maybe some lettuce this weekend!  And I think Brian will put in his pumpkin patch.  We missed doing it last year due to moving, but it's a tradition with him.  He puts in a massive pumpkin patch, finding new and interesting pumpkins, and then we have a harvest party to share.  The year before, our yield was around 40.  Can we skip over summer and just head toward fall?  No?  *sigh*
7.  Speaking of planting and such, we are still lucky with our new house and all the wonderful things that come up blooming!  I'm not even sure what these are- they look a little like flocks?
8.  My children are not angels.  But they can sure look angelic in the right light!
9.  Not to be a last minute procrastinator, but I'm still trying to figure out what to do for Rowan's birthday this weekend.  We don't really know anyone here yet, and family is far away.  Brian votes for camping.  I vote for staying home while he's camping with the littles.  Sounds fair, no?  On a side note, how is my baby turning 2?!?!
10.  I love when dinner turns out so pretty, I feel compelled to take it outside in the waning light and take a picture of it on our deck.  Pretty.  Oh, and tasty, too!


  1. You have some great shots here! I love the one of your children; that sun flare is fantastic!

  2. Good to have that time to yourself - sometimes one sure needs it! :-) Great pic of your kiddos! :-)

    1. Completely necessary, yes! And thank you.

  3. Ah, misery loves company huh? Glad you get some laughs outta me. ;) And I like your idea of having Brian take the kids out camping. You could be at home doing.... birthday-related things? Yes? Yes.

    Love the photos. And I wanna go thrifting with you so so SO VERY BADLY.

    1. Yes, misery DOES love company :) But you are so hilarious about it, it doesn't feel so bad! And you can come thrifting with me ANY time.

  4. Loved all these little snippets. James also gets home so late every night that W is almost always asleep. Kinda sad but they have mornings and it does make those night's when he gets home early extra special (for all of us cause I get a break!). I hope you enjoy the beets and don't blame me if you don't :)! Happy birthday to Rowan- camping gets my vote too.

    ... Oh and I think that might be cinnamon? Maybe?

  5. Your day out sounds great! Can't wait to see your pumpkins! Although, I for one am looking forward to summer. Winter was dull here. Your children do indeed look like angels! :)

  6. that first picture needs a frame - stat!

  7. I understand the busy hubby things. Mine is busy working all the time and getting his MBA at night. It's so hard when he's not home before bedtime. I'm also totally guilty of taking my food (or glass of wine!) outside to get a shot before the sun goes down. :)
    (Stopped by from Deb's place - Nice to say hello!)

  8. My sister used to have that pyrex design on all her dishes!


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