Wednesday, May 2, 2012

april shower for Karen

Pure honesty here:  baby showers can be very boring.  Very.  But!  When you live in Arizona, and have a baby shower in Indiana, people kindly ship most of your presents to your house.  Which really cuts down on the somewhat boring area of baby showers!  I know, this is very politically incorrect, but I speak the truth.  And because of this, Karen's baby shower was fun, relaxed, and everyone had more time to chat and enjoy the company.  Perfect!  Now I will deluge you with pictures from the shower.

Although Rowan was invited, I left her screaminess with my in-laws so that I could actually enjoy myself.  Everyone else's littles were wonderful and I didn't hear one scream.  I would have if Rowan had been there.
Karen is one of 5, and has a big family, so it felt like a very cozy, family event.  Even for those of us who weren't related!
And of course seeing some of my very best friends after not seeing them for about 6 months is always wonderful. 
I have the most gorgeous friends!
And of course Karen DID have some presents to open.  Including a little Kermit onesie I made for her baby boy.  Let's just say that Karen is a Muppet fanatic! 

It really was a lovely shower, and almost as fun as going out for dinner and sangrias the night before.  And I know Karen will be an amazing mother.  She has the touch when it comes to littles!
No, she really does, I promise!

Congratulations, Karen and Phil.  You will both be wonderful parents and I hope you have all the blessings of a baby boy who will bring you joy, happiness, love, and most important of all- a good night's sleep.  Love you!


  1. Fun - we don't really have this tradition in Sweden, we usually visit with gifts after the baby is born.

  2. Looks like it was a fun time!! I agree about the boring baby shower part- love that y'all got to skip over that! ;)

  3. You might miss the baby showers one day! The Kermit onesie is awesome! Great gift.

  4. Welcome back and sounds like you had a great time! Showers of any kind are usually not my cup of tea but it looks like a good and relaxed group so lucky you :)

  5. Pictures are beautiful (as always) but I really love the one of Karen and her Mom the mostest. Seriously, print it, frame it, gift it. Slam Dunk! Also loved how pretty your Mom looked - and that picture of all the "Moms"...made me really homesick. On another note - where was Fletcher?

  6. Ruthie, thank you for capturing my special baby shower! You are the best friend ever! Thank you for being there and celebrating with me. I can't wait for my little boy to meet his Auntie Ruthie! xo


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