Monday, October 10, 2011

diy- quicky doormat customization

Hi friends.  I have been STILL working on the house, and mostly it looks about finished except there are no pictures hanging on the walls, and my office is still not unpacked.  I say office because it has a built in desk, but I will be doing mostly crafty things in there.  So excited to have a space other than the 140+ year old basement to work in!

Anyway, I've been finding lots of quick projects to do in between all the dishes, dinners, diapers, and dirt.  How's that for alliteration?  Almost poetic.  Here's a quick project anyone can handle.  Even me.  I picked up a plain jane doormat at Target, and it definitely needed a little something.  I know I saw someone do this somewhere, but I cannot remember to give them credit.  So just know that this wasn't an original Ruthie idea. 

First I printed off a big "C" (for our last name) in a font I liked. 

Then I cut her out.

I took masking tape and taped down the the "C" where I wanted it.

I covered the rest of the rug up so the spray paint wouldn't get anywhere else.

We're not alcoholics.  Our trash just makes it look like we are.  So then I grabbed my spray paint - colonial red to match our door.

I sprayed over the "C" liberally.

Then I thought I should let it dry before I removed the paper.  But then I remembered I have no patience.  So I took off the paper and admired the handiwork.

I like it. 

I do think in retrospect a rug without the grooves would have worked better.  Now I can't stop thinking what would be fun to paint on one of these rugs!  A pumpkin for Fall, a tree for Christmas, flowers for Spring?  This little project literally took 10 minutes. 

Ok, back to dishes.

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  1. Brilliant, and so easy! But-how did you cut out the "c" without cutting through the rest of the paper? It looks like it magically perfectly came off like a cookie cutter.
    It came out great!


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