Monday, October 17, 2011

fair is where you take the pigs in the summer

That's what my dad always told me when I would whine that something wasn't fair.  I'm sure it will come out of my mouth as my own children learn to whine that something isn't fair. 

But he was right!  We found a bunch of piggies at the state fair here in South Carolina.  See?

Sorry it's a bad picture, they had this double fence on the piglets and their mama.  First thing we did was ride on the carousel.  I had this vision of taking pictures of the littles taking their first ride on a carousel horse, but they both declined.  Declined violently.  What is wrong with these children??  They still loved riding on it, just on the benches instead.

I personally love carousels.  There is something so magical about them, while being somewhat carnival-creepy all at the same time.

After the ride, we took a look in the 4-H area.  The littles love seeing animals.

I'm not sure why I thought this would make a good picture, but I'll share it anyway.  You're welcome.

This is me explaining to Fletcher about where the milk comes from.  He knew it comes from cows, but not WHERE on the cow.  It was an eye opener for him for sure.

This poor cow was so full she was leaking and dripping.  As a former nursing mama, I really felt for her.  I really had to restrain myself from yelling out for someone to milk the poor cow for God's sake!!!

Then we moved onto the horse, donkey and mule area.  But Fletcher got momentarily distracted by some construction equipment.

Wild horses couldn't drag him away.  So we had to so we could go see the horses.  Heh.

Rowan loved petting the horse.  And how cute are these little guys?

I wanted to put them in my pocket and take them home.

After seeing all the animals, we took a little hotdog/lemonade break.  The kids were getting pretty worn out at this point.  Rowan sat staring off into the distance, clutching the lemonade close, and not letting anyone share.  Good thing we got two.

Fletcher kept insisting he wanted a ride on the Ferris Wheel.  I thought, shoot, if you don't want to ride a damn carousel horse, you aren't gonna like this.  But I was wrong, of course.  He LOVED it.  He wasn't the least bit afraid as our little bucket got up to the top.  He just exclaimed about all he could see below, and scared the crap out of mama by leaning out to see far below. 

There's me!

And here we are disembarking from the ride.  You can tell Fletcher really enjoyed himself.

And that's about the time that the tired monster infected the littles.  And there was a lot of screaming, crying, and dragging kids from the fair.  Fletcher did NOT want to go, but they were both so tired.  I carried Rowan while trying to push the stroller, and Brian carried a flailing Fletcher.  We got lots of looks as we were leaving, trust me.  Sympathetic looks from other parents, and something more hostile from those who didn't have kids. 

My apologies to any casualties of Fletcher's flailing feet.

He curled up with Blankie in the car and dozed on and off on the way home.

Our only regret was missing out on an elephant ear and some fried kool-aid.  Seriously, how do you fry kool-aid anyway?

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