Tuesday, October 25, 2011

parks and recreation

We are close to a lot of parks here, and really pretty university campus, so we took full advantage this past weekend.  We got out and explored.  The weather was nice, the leaves are looking pretty, and the littles were cooperative.  Everything came together! 
On Saturday we started at Clemson University.  They have a really pretty wildlife habitat.
Yes, that does say Do Not Feed Alligators.  That is weird to us Northerners.  Alligators don't hang out in our lakes up North. 
We took a little walk along the lake, and then went and fed ourselves and took naps in preparation for the fall festival that night.

We got to the festival just as the sun was setting, all ready to take a hay ride, walk the corn maze, and pet some farm animals.
The guy in the Army uniform entertained us on the tractor ride with animal noises.
He is not in the Army.  Some sort of militia group.  Welcome to the South!

First stop, the barn to look at the animals.  Rowan was enthralled with the pygmy goats.  They are pretty cute.
We mosied on over to the corn maze after that.  Where we lost Fletcher. 
A group of children came running through, laughing and playing, and Fletcher just ran after them.  I was behind Brian and thought he could see Fletcher ahead of him.  But I soon realized he was no longer in our line of sight.  I started getting that shrill mom voice and started yelling out "Fletcher, Fletcher where are you?  Fletcher, FLETCHER!!!!"  Panic set in.  I took Rowan and told Brian to run ahead and find him.  Brian, being totally unconcerned, mosied on to look for him.  He said afterwards that he could hear his voice the whole time.  That's fine.  But these mama's eyes have to see the littles to keep that panic at bay.  Turns out he was just heading on to the next event with the family full of children.  They didn't even notice the additional child.  And Fletcher was NOT happy when we told him that he had to stay with us.  Apparently he's ready to trade us in already.

After my heart started beating normally again, we had some more family fun!
How could she NOT be wanted with that smile?
And the biggest news of the weekend?  Rowan is FINALLY walking!!!  She's very pleased with herself, as you can see.  Fletcher continues to be unimpressed.  He keeps saying, "Look, I can walk too."  Like, no big deal, mom.  Everyone is doing it.  Let's stop the insane cheering for Rowan. 

And then after the sun set, we did what all responsible parents do with their toddlers at Halloween.  We took them on a walk in the haunted woods.  Yep, where teenage boys jump out at you with chain saws.  Yes, it was a gamble.  But they were both great!!  I usually pee my pants at these things, but I felt the need to control my urge to scream and run wildly away while I was holding my child.  Again, Fletcher was unimpressed.  I thought he'd be scared, but he was fine.

We took a look at the pumpkins before we left.  At this point, the littles were pretty tired.  Rowan just stood at the pumpkins staring of into space.
But then she perked up and started rolling over the pumpkins.
And then Brian tested my heart again by putting Fletcher up in this tree.  I played it cool, but I was secretly screaming on the inside.
We all went home and CRASHED.

The next evening, we went out to the State Park to feed the ducks and geese.
It's a beautiful, big park.  Only a ten minute drive, too! 
 We fed the geese and ducks.
 We looked cute.
 We flapped our wings like the ducks.
We fed the ducks and geese some more.
Did I mention we looked cute?

We had a great weekend, I actually handed the camera over to Brian once or twice, and we have new places to show visitors.  So who's coming to visit us next?

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  1. I am so glad you have so many naturesque places to visit in your new location! Fletcher, that's twice that you've tried to join another party! Cracks me up every time I think about his response to where his mama was--in Vegas! Maybe you guys should put those squeakers in his shoes so that his wandering exploration doesn't yield heart attacks. Love the photos!


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