Friday, October 14, 2011


Our littles have a lot of toys.  A LOT.  It's a little ridiculous.  And we've made a greed monster out of Fletcher with his potty training prizes.  When you want your 3 year old to poop in the potty, you start promising the moon.  What?  You want a new expensive toy?  Well, poop in the potty and it's YOURS!!! 

So he started asking for more and more, because, uh, he could.  And I inwardly chastised myself and decided it was time to change gears here, and poop in the potty be damned.  I let Fletcher know that he was incredibly lucky to have wonderful toys because some boys and girls don't have ANY.

Fletcher: Where did their toys go?
Me: They never had any.
Fletcher: Do they have books?
Me: No, not even books.
Fletcher: What are their names?
Me: I don't know their names, but there are millions of children with no toys, no house, and not enough food to eat.

Well, that blew his mind.  He decided he wanted to take his toys directly to these kids, and show them how to play with toys.  Bless his lovely child heart.  He was sorely disappointed when I explained that we wouldn't be able to give toys to the children directly, but we'd be dropping them off somewhere and grown ups would make sure they got to the children.  So he started thinking about what toys he'd like to give up for these children.  Which made this mama happy. 

When he went to bed last night, I asked him if he had decided what he wanted to give the poor children. 

Fletcher: I want to give them my train table! 
Me: Really?  You want to give them your whole train table?
Fletcher: YES!
Me:  Ok, but I want you to know that when you give away your toys, you won't be getting them back.  It means the other children get to keep them and play with them forever.
Fletcher (thinking for a minute): Maybe we should give them some of Baby Rowan's toys.

Gotta love that line of logic!

But this kid?  He is still a keeper.  He shares pudding with his little sister, without any complaint.

He even lets her lick the spoon.

But he gets to lick the cup.

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  1. Lol! He is so cute! I love how he is feeding his little sister.


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