Friday, October 21, 2011

how we amuse ourselves

There's this lag time around here between dinner time and bedtime.  If I get dinner on the table in time (I'm about 60% successful) then we still have about an hour and a half before tuck in time for the littles.  So we amuse ourselves.  With our own children. 

We have impromtu dance parties and force the kiddos to like our music tastes.  It works.  Start early. 

We dress them up in funny outfits.
And make them strike a funny pose.
We offer them a pipe to smoke.  It's funny.  Only when there's actually no tobacco in it, of course.
Sometimes they offer it back.  Just to be nice.
We pretend like we're Captain Morgan.
And we stretch out bath time because they both love it so.
We try to have lots of fun.  We try to make some memories, and then we try to get them to bed after winding them up with so much fun.  We may not be the brightest, but we're pretty fun around here.


  1. LOL! You guys are so cute! I am cracking up at that captain Morgan picture!!!

  2. I just love it! I hope to be there for the next impromptu dance party. What fun, I'd never want to go to bed either!


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