Thursday, April 26, 2012

rainbows + roses

Not to go all Mary Sunshine on you, but we live in a preeetty pastoral area.  So when I go to take pictures, I have a lot of this to choose from:
And oh my goodness.  We had no idea when we moved into this house a little over a month ago how much bloomage would be happening! 
There are about 10 rosebushes in full bloom.  And the iris is just charging out all over the yard!
I gather up long stalks of iris and thorny bunches of roses and our house is quickly adorned.
Which is good since I haven't hung one picture or piece of art in this house.  Of course along with all the pastoral scenery surrounding us, we find a lot of these:
We hear cattle lowing while we play in our yard, which stops the littles dead in their tracks.  Rowan gets wide eyes and says, "scared!"  Yep.  She may be a city girl like her mama.

{Quick message to my regulars: I'll be on a blogging hiatus until next Tuesday!  See you then!}


  1. Oh my!! How beautiful...


  2. You got so lucky with that house- I can't believe all the flowers you've had. Hope you're up to something fun 'till Tuesday!

  3. Great pics; I love that rainbow shot!

  4. Beautiful pictures!
    Your home must be a paradise.
    Have a nice weekend

  5. Gorgeous pics & we'll miss you until Tuesday!

  6. LOVE the rainbow shot... I have been trying to get one of those but no luck so far.


  7. I just bought a rose bush yesterday to plant out front of our house. But you make me want LOTS of rose bushes! Gorgeous photos. :)

  8. beautiful place, fantastic captures!

  9. Love all the blooms in your yard! So awesome. Hope you'll be having fun til Tuesday!!

  10. You do live in a beautiful place! Love the rainbow capture!


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