Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the 10

1.  I'm feeling super blessed with all the family coming to visit and helping so much while they stay.  Brian's brother and his girlfriend stayed a few days, cleaned out the yard even more (after my own brother did round one) and mowed!  And this yard ain't small.  They played with the kiddos a ton, and were just generally good good company.  And now Brian's parents are visiting and helping out so much, too!  Blessed!

2.  We have a bamboo forest in our backyard.  It's weird.
Weird because we live in Missouri.  Totally non-weird if we lived in China. 
But we do think it's quite pretty!  And really insidious.  It spreads rapidly through the lawn.  These pictures do no justice to vast thicket of bamboo in our yard.  We like it, but you have to admit it.  Weird, right?

3.  What's not weird is everything else planted in the yard.  It really is beautiful.  The iris and roses are blooming like CRAZY.  And I really really heart this lily of the valley.
And the dogwood trees, too.

4.  The littles! Are! Playing! Together! Nicely!  Aaaand now I've just jinxed myself by putting this out onto the blogging universe and tomorrow they will poke each other with sharp sticks or something.

5.  I wasn't so sure about the whole colorblocking trend, but then I saw this dress.  *swoon*

6.  My kid is kooky.

7.  So is my other kid.

8. I am super proud to have kooky kids.  It's like a badge of honor to me that my littles are slightly strange.  I can't explain it, but I just love it.

9.  I actually like rainy days! 
I think they're just as beautiful as sunny days.

10.  Bath time can be super fun around here!
Glow sticks, bubbles, and frogs with French accents (it's a thing here).  They NEVER want to get out of the tub!


  1. Lovely photos! how cool is all that bamboo in your yard! I love it:)

  2. How did you luck out and get this yard full of so many beautiful flowers and plants!? Our's is small and one giant ant hill... not very inspiring :) Also glow sticks in the tub is an awesome idea. We used to see tons of live music and never get to now so we've got a serious glow stick deficit. Are they just regular glow sticks? James is going to love that.

  3. Oh my God that is a backyard to dream on-- think of all the adventures your kiddos can have {especially cos they are kooky which, incidentally, are by far the best sort of kids, trust me on this one}

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