Thursday, April 5, 2012

the things he says part 2

A while ago, I brought you this post, about all the silly things Fletcher says.  Well, he's still the same entertaining little boy, and we have daily laugh fests at the things he says.  I've been trying to write down the funnier Fletchisms for the past few months, and these are my favorite.
*Me: Stop putting your hand down your underwear!
Fletcher: But Patrick does it!
Me: WHO is Patrick?
Fletcher: Patrick is a starfish!
(And that was the end of Fletcher and Brian watching Spongebob Squarepants together.)

*Me: Oh, we forgot to bless our dinner.
Fletcher: What?  That's silly, Mama.  Food don't sneeze.

*Fletcher: Mama, I want you to sleep with me tonight.
Me: But then Papa would be lonely.
Fletcher: Alright, alright.  He can sleep with us, too.
Me: But there's no room in your bed.
Fletcher: Alright, alright.  He can sleep standing up over there (points to corner of room).
*Fletcher: Mama, what does God look like?
Me: I don't know.
Fletcher: Does He have a mouth?
Me: I'm not sure.
Fletcher: Maybe He just talks out His bum (full on earnest here).
Me: Maybe (full on trying so hard not to laugh).
*Fletcher: Mama, I'm very tall you know.  And I loooove you.
(This is especially funny to those of you who know us- Brian and I are pretty short, and Fletcher is a hulk.  Brian thinks he was trying to woo me away here.)

*When I was making these potatoes the other day, Fletcher was asking about the jar of mayo.  I let him lick the spoon after I stirred the mixture.
Fletcher: Mama, I want to have some more of that!
Me: Ok, I'll let you have another little taste on the spoon.
Fletcher: No, no, no, no.  I'm going to need a bowl AND a spoon.
*Rowan was crying before bed the other night, in a very loud, screamy way.
Fletcher: That girl is disturving me, Mama!
Me: You mean disturbing?
Fletcher: No, she's definitely disturving me.
And just to show that Fletcher can be kind of deep and thoughtful, too, I bring you this conversation.:
Me: Fletcher would you like Mama and Papa to have another baby?
Fletcher: You don't have a baby.  The doctor gives you the baby.
Me: Oh.  Well, where does the doctor get the baby?
Fletcher: From the store, of course.
Me: Oh, I see.
Fletcher: Except the broken babies.  They are put on the beach where the water takes them to the sea.
I have no clue where Fletcher came up with that deep thought.


  1. Fletcher, you are scary smart! I love this blog.

  2. One smart kiddo you have there! He's seriously too cute.

    1. Thank you! I think so too, not that I'm biased...

  3. Oh that last one made me chuckle! Kids are awesome for one liners & belly laughs!

    1. I know, right? I should follow him around with a tape recorder!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. Could eat that kid with a spoon he's so sweet. No wait, a bowl AND a spoon!!!

    1. Ha!! He is pretty sweet. A stinker, but sweet.

  5. He is my favorite Fletcher ever! Such a vessel of knowledge, that boy.

  6. Haha! I can't wait to show Brett and Sebastian what your little man has been saying. The one about standing in the corner to sleep...Brian does like camping, right? ;)


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