Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I could be in trouble

Seriously.  If you stand on Route 66, just a couple miles from my house, you could throw one stone and hit at least 5 or 6 antique malls/thrift store/trading posts.  It is ridiculous.  And really worrisome to Brian.  And when I went to go make a grocery store run the other day (by myself), I found my car just magically steering itself into the parking lot of a massive antique mall.  And then 2 hours just got sucked out of my day quicker than you can say "Bob's your uncle."  I actually have an Uncle Bob, so I can say this without irony.  Kind of.

I think I mentioned my trip to the antique mall on facebook, and now I've had a few friends ask to see my treasures.  And I will gladly comply!
{Pyrex atomic star divided dish.  It came WITH the dish holder people.  And it looks never used.  $5.  Yes, that is right.  $5.}
{Set of 7 juice glasses.  Nostalgia got the better of me on these.  My great aunt had a very similar set that my Grandmama and aunt now use.  And I think they are cheerful AND pretty.  $7 for the set.}
{A little Berggren dish for my plate wall.  Yes, I am an old lady inside and I put up a whole wall of plates.  However, I like them all clumped together and I'm having trouble finding the right spot in this house.  The dining room would have been grand, but Brian gave an emphatic no.  He thinks it's a kitchen thang.  He's so literal.  $1.50}
{This has no markings, and I probably overpaid at $3.  But I LOVE the love message!  Not to mention the design and colors.  Also just have to find a little home for it.  Could be a trivet, could be a wall plaque...}
{Books for Fletcher's Easter basket.  Good job, Jennifer, on correctly guessing vintage books from my last post!  Fletcher loves both of these books.  I love that Cars and Trucks was illustrated by our beloved Richard Scarry, but is completely different from what we are used to seeing from him!  $1 each.}
{This is just a silly little foot stool that sits uber-close to the floor and has casters underneath.  I just could picture the littles rolling around the floor on it, and I loved the colors, so I nabbed it!  $6}

I also bought something that I didn't bring home.  Because I broke it.  It was a sugar and creamer set that I was not even interested in.  But if you have ever been to an antique mall, then you know how some booths are stacked to the gills and you have to dig around a little.  Well, I just walked up to this booth, and of course as soon as I touched one little thing, a whole domino effect went into action.  I scrambled around the booth, catching this and that, grabbing falling items with my cat-like reflexes, but it was no use.  And an older man was standing near me, whispering, "Run.  RUN!"  But I can't do that.  Growing up Catholic, guilt is practically a hobby.  So I marched up to the front with the broken creamer pitcher in hand, and they took one look at me and said, "Oh, was that YOU making all that racket?"  Uh, yes, obviously.  So yep, bought that too.  $3. 


  1. Love your finds! The fabric on that footstool is gorgeous. I'm jealous you have so many thrifting options there! This place is so picked over- unless you liike the plywood/particle board look. There is an abundance of that crap.

    1. No one is here, that's why there's so much treasure to find.

  2. Lucky you! Thrifting isn't easy and very over-priced here in Boston. Love that Pyrex dish and stand... what a find!

    1. My favorite find! I feel your pain. We're from Chicago, and it can be very over-priced there, too.

  3. I could swoon! Oh wait, I am swooning! Let's plan a mini-trip while I'm there, kay?

  4. Haha, this is the kind of trouble I love - great finds! I´m a sucker for old children´s books too..! :-)

  5. Man, oh man. You're going to have to start yourself up an Etsy shop soon!


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