Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a fish called elephant

Fletcher has been begging for a pet ever since our little crazy French Bulldog, Napoleon, died last summer.  And you would think he'd be begging for another dog.  But no.  He's been begging for a fish!  We ask if he wants a dog, and he says, "No thank you.  I want a fish."  We tried explaining that you can't really play with a fish, or touch it, and we thought he got it.  So the other day, Brian and Fletcher came home with a little bowl and a little beta.
And when I asked Fletcher what he wanted to name him, he thought for a minute and said, "Elephant."  I love it.  I think it's a great name for such a tiny little fish. 

And then he started asking about "playing" with Elephant.  And we explained again that Elephant can't play, but you can look at him.  So we looked at him.
And we looked at him some more.
And then we fed him a little.  And at bedtime, we put him up on a shelf in Fletcher's room.  Fletcher dragged a foot stool over and told me, "I'm just going to let him sleep with me just this one night."  So I had to explain all over again about how Elephant can NEVER leave his bowl or he will (cue the music: da, da, dum) DIE.  Fletcher said, "Oh."  And poor Elephant has been largely ignored ever since. 

But this morning?  Fletcher asked if we could get a dog.


  1. Such a cute story! Your kids are so lucky that you're "documenting" their lives with your blog. :)

  2. Elephant is an awesome name for a fish- how does he already understand irony?! Our fish come and go but they are fun and very low maintenance... not so much with a dog!

  3. I did see this one coming. It is a beautiful fish, but for such an active boy??? Oh my.

  4. Hahaha too cute! You have to wonder what he thought having a fish would be like...too adorable~*

  5. This is too familiar! Haha! Turtles are a little more user-friendly than fish but not very exciting. I love that he named him elephant and I hope elephant doesn't mind getting shelved for a dog. What kind of dog are you guys interested in?

  6. Haha - too funny! Have to say that after reading this and still cracking up about the "big ass" comment on my blog the other day, I have to follow. You´re obviously just as nutty as I am..! :-D

  7. I love the name! Brilliant! Kids come up with the best names for things don't they. x


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