Friday, April 20, 2012

what i'm loving lately: Gyo Fujikawa

For Rowan's first birthday, her godparents (hi, Jo + Chris!) sent her a beautiful book of poems illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa.  I really have a thing for children's illustrations from the 60's and 70's, but I wasn't familiar with her work.  Well, now I am!  We really pore over the book, looking at every little detail and enjoying the wonderful poems by Wordsworth, Blake, Rosetti... and lots more!  I've since googled Fujikawa, and found she was a pretty prolific illustrator and has many more books out there for us to own!  This particular gem was originally published in 1969, and this is a reprint from 2007.
Rowan loves to point out all the beautiful pictures that she loves best.
I have my favorites, too.
And I really love all the poems that are included in the book.
I can't wait to order more of her beautiful books!


  1. That brought back so many memories! I had that book as a kid and my parents kept it for S and R but I've not really looked through it in awhile. Such beautiful illustrations, huh!

  2. Gorgeous illustrations. And, I love reading poetry with kids. I did it more when they were toddlers. I have to be reminded now. I talked about a poetry special that my family loved on my blog, here:

  3. Looks really beautiful. You're lucky that R is so delicate with it, I'm always afraid to read W anything that's actual paper instead if board because he's a beast with his books. Great that you're getting her into such sophisticated poetry too at an early age- love that.

  4. Uh-oh! What shall we do for number 2? As a side note, she is one well-dressed girl! ;)

  5. I love the older books! We have a "farm" book that was published 1949 and the pictures are much cuter than any modern books I see now. Gotta love those quarter yard sale finds. ;)

  6. Beautiful.
    And we love beautiful books!


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