Friday, April 6, 2012

diy painted shoes

While we were still in South Carolina, I picked up a pair of Converse from Target for $8 on sale.  I love my Converse.  I have a few pairs, and my kids wear them now.  Back in high school I used to draw all over them, and so when I picked up this basic pair, I thought it would be fun to do a little design on them.
I love the navy and mustard yellow on the insoles, so I got inspired to use that color on the outside, too!  First I started by lightly drawing a design freestyle.  If you're an exact person, you could measure and all that, but I am obviously not an exact person.  I used a silver gel pen so that I could see the lines on the dark navy.
I went with an easy Chevron pattern.  After this, I apparently put down my camera and didn't pick it back up until I was finished painting.  Sorry about that!  I can tell you that I used basic acrylic paint (not fabric paint, but that would definitely work) and a very thin brush.  And I just took my time painting over the lines.
{Hand-knotted rug is a recently found treasure at a local antique store.  I sure adore that mustard and aqua together!}
And there you go!  I thought about doing the toe-box of the shoe, but decided to keep it to the sides.  The star strip on the sides and the backs of the shoes are suede, so I didn't really want to paint on that, either.  I like the way they look like a cross between oxfords and old-school Converse now!  I have a pair for Rowan I've been meaning to paint, and as soon as I figure out what design to use, I'll share those with you, too.
Next up, some new Toms to paint!


  1. CUTE!! You are so creative!!!

    1. More inspired than actually creative, but thanks!

  2. Those look really great. What a fun idea!

  3. Those converse take me back, waaaaay back to such a fun time! Ah, high school. Way to keep rockin the look! I think you could do some spiderman themed ones easily too!

  4. thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

    i used to draw/write all over my shoes too! haha, i'd completely forgotten about that..thanks for the trip down memory lane. what you've done with yours looks really great...what a cool idea.

    and your children are just gorgeous. :)

  5. Love the gold and navy together. Love the braided rug. Do you have your sunroom studio even remotely put together yet or is still still boxes and pathways to the toolbox like mine? ;) I think it'll be the last place to get organized at our house. Have a lovely Easter weekend you four!

  6. I have been seeing so many painted shoes around! I think it is my turn to join in. Yours turned out lovely. =)


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