Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Yes.  We are technically unpacked.  But we have stuff hanging around where it doesn't belong, and pictures and mirrors leaning against walls, and half-day searches for that one little thing that doesn't have a place yet.  So we're in limbo-land.  What does not help the situation is that the littles and I are currently stranded without a vehicle.  ("We" forgot to renew the plate before it expired on Brian's car.  So Brian is driving my car.  And I am driving NOTHING.  But the littles are driving me CRAZY.) We have cabin fever.  Much, much cabin fever. 

We took a long walk around the neighborhood this morning, and that alleviated the problem for about a half an hour.  Rowan doesn't want nap, and has started having 3 hour conversations with God-knows-who in the middle of the night.  Since she's supposed to be alone in her room, I'm trying hard not to think too much about this.  She took an hour long nap today.  Not great.  It makes it hard to get any unpacking/organizing in. 

This is our dining room table.
Thank goodness we have a kitchen table, or we'd be having picnics in the living room.  I don't even know why half of this stuff is sitting here.  I didn't even know that a pro-doweling kit existed until I took this picture, let alone that we owned one.

We have only the very most important things organized in the house, but everything else feels like chaos.
YES.  Wineglasses qualify as the very most important things. 

And then there are the everyday things that are falling by the wayside.
Stainless steel appliances look beautiful.  Until a toddler finger stampede goes through the kitchen.  Every five minutes.

And now?  I'm trying to just enjoy what's going well.  Like the bulb garden my parents sent as a housewarming gift.  Growing fast!
Only a 2 day difference!  I can't wait to see the tulips, daffodils and hyacinth blooming.

And I'm trying to keep this at a minimum.
Not easy, my friends.  Not easy.


  1. Looks like you are doing a great job getting settled & finding solace in the little victories. Hang in there!

  2. I'm amazed you have as much done as you do. Grow bulbs grow. And, I know Fletcher has many smiles too. Hang in there, the plates must be there soon. Thanks for the post. Your blog makes my day, every weekday! Lots of love.

  3. Our dining room table looked the same way the other day! Where the frickety frick do these random tools come from?! But your wine glasses look absolutely stunning.

    Looking at the finger-printed stainless steel only makes me picture you like those women in the clorox wipes commercials, smiling and laughing while wiping away the fingerprints and generally not looking like they do this task every 0.425 seconds every day. Bless you. I think that's when your wine glass organization pays off amiright?

  4. You're doing great! We still have mirrors and pictures propped and we've been here for years :) I feel you on the naps too. Mine sleeps perfectly right now overnight so I'm not really complaining but oh the nap issues we have!

  5. Oh my - you´re sure are busy! I hope it will fall in place as smoothly as possible and I wish you a great Easter! :-)


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