Monday, April 2, 2012

8 ways to ruin a family photo - by a 3 year old boy

1.  Cry.
2. Stick out your bottom lip.
3. Become easily distracted.
4. Be a big ham.
 5. Become very easily distracted.
6. Smile winningly now that you've distracted everyone else.
7. Do this when the photographer asks you to smile nicely.
8. Be sure to make a funny face in the only picture in which little sister is smiling.
This is probably the winner of the bunch.  Out of roughly 100 pictures. 
This was all in about 5 minutes time, too.  Oh my.  My brother may have a better one on his camera, but I'm pretty sure he was seeing the same thing through his lens. 

We all had a wonderful visit with my brother, sister-in-law, and my nieces, Ariel and Angelique.  Fletcher was sad all yesterday after they left.  Until we took him to the train station, that is.  My nieces were so great with the littles, and everyone babysat while Brian and I had a date night!  We played a lot of cards, played outside, and everyone pitched in to help us settle into our new home. 

And my brother helped solve a mystery that has been plaguing me for years.  Growing up, my father's alarm clock would be set to the Chicago classical station, WFMT.  And every morning, it would go off to the song that would start the morning program.  And I have been half-heartedly trying to track down that song for the past few years, just to hear it again.  I have a big memory connection with music, so I love to hear songs/pieces of music from my childhood.  Anyway, we found out that the song is an old English folk song.  And although we couldn't find the exact recording used, we found something similar.

If you're interested, here it is: Early One Morning

Thank you, Paul, Jenni, Ariel and Angel for the fun visit!! xoxo


  1. Hilarious! What a little character. I like the one with his hands in his mouth- that gets my vote :) Your wysteria is amazing too.

  2. Omg this is hilarious! I love the "ham" picture. Mr. Personality!!

  3. How fantastic! You should get one of those multi picture frames & hang all of them in a row to tell the story!!

  4. :)
    I agree with 'The Closet Intellectual'!


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