Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter holiday

Brian has a 4 day weekend for Easter, so he's still home today.  It's fantastic having him around after a week of him working til 7 or 8 pm.  The littles are having a blast hanging out with him, mostly outside.  It's finally that Spring weather that I can get behind- 60s during the day, and very cool at night.  I like it. 

I also liked our Easter yesterday.  We skipped mass (shhh... don't tell my mom) because it is so insane to try and take littles to church on Easter.  It's insane enough any other day of the year, trust me.  But we said our prayers, and tried in a very stumbly sort of way to explain Easter to Fletcher.  I don't think he got it.  Especially since you tend to speak in broad strokes to a 3 year old, anyway.

We did the baskets, and a little egg hunt, too.
{that was an easy one, eh?}

You know what I love about Fletcher?  He went straight to his basket, pulled out the 2 books, ignored the new toys, and started reading.
He got to the toys quickly, but he just couldn't resist looking at the books first. 

You know what I love about Rowan?  She went straight for the chocolate.
They are my children.  For certain.
Brian made a big breakfast of pancakes and sausage.  Rowan decided she needed to touch each sausage before settling on one.
Fletcher ate all his pancakes, and Brian got to sit down and enjoy them, too.  Along with a strong cup of coffee.  And we listened to Handel's Messiah, which I love.
We played outside all day, worked on a few projects, and I worked on dinner.  On the menu:
Grilled garlic/rosemary rubbed lamb for Brian
Hotdogs for the kiddos
Balsamic Honey glazed brussels sprouts
Fruit Salad
Grilled garlic/rosemary bread
{the lily-of-the-valley is going crazy around here!  the scent of just this little bouquet fills the house}
The brussels sprouts were AMAZING.  Go make them NOW, even if you think you don't like them.  Cause you will. love. these.
We ate every last one.  And we listened to Jesus Christ Superstar with dinner.  Cause we're very cool like that.  Rowan liked it, and we had quite the dance party!
I hope your Easter was just as fun and relaxed as mine!


  1. Your menu sounds amazing! And I am with Rowan- chocolate always gets my most immediate attention. ;) Too cute how Fletcher went for the books! (A thrifting find? I love the older books like that- they tend to be Sam's favorites.)

  2. What fun! Always a treat to have the husband around for a few days too. I need to try those Brussels sprouts... Yummy!

  3. Oh how wonderful! I always prefer a low key holiday, and yours sounds absolutely lovely~*

  4. It sounds (and looks!!) so lovely!
    We had a lovely Easter weekend, too.
    I totally understand you skipping the mass. We didn't skipp mass, but after the mass with my little one (one!) I was... Tired?!


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