Tuesday, April 3, 2012

big city

We went on a little road trip to the nearest big city.  Which if you are familiar with Jefferson City, is not actually all that big.  But!  It does have a Target, so it's pretty big compared to our current hometown.  And it is also a very pretty little city.  The Capitol Building is impressive, and there are lots of historic homes and green spaces all around it. 

I took the opportunity to wear a dress(!) and also wear a new treasure from the local trading post.
{The thunderbird necklace is from the local trading post.  The birdy necklace was a gift from my parents bought on one of their trips to the southwest.  Little disks necklace that says "rowan" and "fletcher" is my everyday-never-take-it-off necklace bought here }  

Rowan got all fancy, too!  She's wearing vintage- one of my dresses my mom saved from my baby days (thanks, mom!).  Jeggings are from current days- Target.
She's such a lady, right?  We took advantage of the last legs of the wisteria and did a mini photo-shoot before hitting the road. 
The wisteria is pretty much blown away by now, which is sad.  But every day there are new beautiful things blooming in the yard, so I can't be too sad!  Then we got on the road, and headed straight to the train station- a request that could not be ignored by Fletcher. 
Rowan has to do EVERYTHING that Fletcher does.  She follows along behind him saying, "Rowan, too!"
The littles didn't even mind that we didn't see any trains go by.
The train station is right next to the Governor's mansion and some historical buildings, so we strolled around the beautiful grounds. 
Fletcher is checking out his shadow in the picture above.  Brian and Rowan marveled at the beautiful Governor's mansion.
And when littles started getting the hungries, we raced down the grassy hill towards the car!
And of course when Fletcher took a tumble, Rowan had to throw herself on the ground, too.  So we picked ourselves up and all took a little trip to Chipotle to cure the hungries.  Oh, a big city has to have a Chipotle, too.


  1. Sounds like a very nice day trip. Beautiful pics. I want copies of some of these.

  2. Love your necklace and everyone looks so nice on a beautiful day! Glad that you're enjoying your new city. Seems like the whole country is green and warm except for here. Sigh.

  3. Oh my goodness that necklace is fantastic {all 3 really, but especially the Thunderbird-- reminds me of trips to Seattle when I was a kid...}. What a smashing grand sort of day!

  4. Brett's folks used to live near Jeff City so we'd make the 20 minute drive to 'town' to rent movies and go shopping, too! YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE FLEA MARKET on the main street that looks like a small building front but is actually two stories of great vintage that keep going on forever. I don't remember the name but it's on the huge main street where most of the businesses are. If you're heading from the mall towards the capitol the Goodwill is on the left side of the road and the flea market is on the right and nearer the capitol. It's worth checking out on your next trip.

    Your necklace from the trade post is gorgeous and Rowan looks so darling in that dress!!!! Sounds like you guys are having some adventures!


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