Friday, June 22, 2012

4 years old!

My Fletcher is 4 years old today!  Yes, it is unbelievable.  Four years ago today Fletcher came into our lives and I took on the most important role of my life: Mama.
{Fletcher Joseph, 6/22/08}
I know I will blink and he will be 16.  And driving.  Oy.  But for now he's still a lovely little boy who still loves his Mama.  Thank God for that!
He is so loving.  So so loving.  I have never met another little boy so willing to dole out kisses and hugs- sometimes to complete strangers.  Yes, I'll work on that.  But for now it's so sweet.  I have NEVER heard him say anything mean to another child (Rowan excluded, of course) and I wish I could keep him that way forever.  If you don't know Fletcher, he'd love to meet you.  If you do know Fletcher, well then, he'd love to take you home and let you play with his toys.  True.
As outgoing as he can be, he also has a introspective side.  He is inquisitive, and can sit for hours trying to figure something out.  He has a mechanical mind, and he tends to be very literal.  But mostly?  He just loves anything FUN.  He loves toys, he loves play, and he loves loves loves other little kids.  He is beside himself without any friends here in Missouri.  He'll be making some soon since he's starting preschool in the fall *gulp*. 
His favorite color is purple.  His favorite food is doughnuts, but he will gobble down a salad- no joke.  His favorite person is Papa (unless the situation calls for Mama).  His favorite activity is playing with his trains.  Trains are his passion.  He likes cars, trucks, and construction vehicles.  If it has wheels, he'd love to look it over from top to bottom.  He likes books, and his current favorite seems to still be Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things that Go.  His favorite show is Spongebob, much to my dismay.  He even imitates Spongebob's laugh.  It's kind of funny.  He SAYS his best friend is Rowan, but they behave as sibling for the most part.
He lives to dance, and he is actually quite good.  He has rhythm, this one.  He is carefree about most of life, laidback, and mostly easy going.  But he can be cautious.  He does not care for tall twisty slides (unlike his reckless sister) and does not wander far from my side in public.  Unless he spies another little boy, that is.  And in that case I have to be careful because he has upon occasion wandered off with another family!  Yikes!  He loves people. 
He can tend towards being a homebody, but when adventure calls, watch out!  He answers!  He loves to have new experiences and to see new places.  He just wants to go sleep in his own bed when it's done.
He thinks Papa is pretty much the coolest, and can be his little shadow.  He loves to help with Papa "projects" and can be found following Papa around his shop and garage on weekends.  He adores Brian. 
He's a beautiful little blend of Brian and me.  We all thought he looked like a Brian mini-me for quite a while, but lately he's been taking after Mama a bit.  And I think his overall personality tilts slightly my way. 
We love him exactly the way he is, and I think he's pretty great.  He's a joy to be around, a cheerful optimist that keeps us all looking on the sunny side of life.  He is kind, incredibly loyal, and just the sweetest boy I have EVER met. 
Happy Birthday, Fletcher!  We all feel so blessed to have you in our lives.  You are an amazing, fun, and loving boy, and I love you so so much. 
xoxo, Mama


  1. Happy Birthday, Fletcher! We love you so much! By the way, Ruthie, the pictures are absolutely fantastic. :)

  2. Happiest of birthdays to your baby boy!

  3. Happy happy birthday to him! All great pictures of course. He looks like such a big guy, I can't beleive he is only four (this being my first kid, I see older children and assume that is many years off but it's actually so close!). Have fun celebrating.

  4. Fletcher, you are 4!!! I can't believe how that time went. What a joy Fletcher is and an inspiration to everyone for suref!! He is so sweet and handsome. Miss you Fletch and love wishes for the best birthday ever! Great age to be! (For a little bit there, I thought maybe he would have a birthday buddy). My boy just doesn't wanna come out yet.

  5. Happy birthday! He sounds like such a wonderful little boy! Andrew just turned 3 in March, but he's so excited about turning 4. I keep telling him no - it's a long way off, but it'll fly by. I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend celebrating your first born.

  6. He sounds absolutely precious! What beautiful eyes! I know how quick the time seems to pass. My "little guy" is 10. At least Fletcher says his sister is his best friend. Mine would NEVER say such a thing. They fight constantly. Happy birthday to your boy!

  7. Oh my goodness! Look at the colour of his eyes! They are just beautiful. Rx

  8. Happy birthday to your gorgeous little boy!

  9. Happy birthday Fletcher! FOUR YEARS old?! That seems so big to me. lol I love these pictures of him.


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