Thursday, June 14, 2012

the wagon trail

On the wagon trail, everyone pitches in.  Children are not excluded from doing their part in the labor.
 Everyone keeps a brave face.  It does not do to show any weakness on the wagon trail.
Sometimes everyone has to get out of the wagon to give the horses a rest.  Even the smallest children are not exempt.
But sometimes we all get so weary, we must all pile into the wagon to keep from dropping in exhaustion.
Some experiences will be harrowing.
And some experiences will test your mettle.  Show you if you're a man or a mouse.
But you must carry on.  Do your part.  Keep the wagon train going on that wagon trail.
The wagon trail is no stroll around the block.
(har, har).


  1. Cute images, love the processing!!

  2. So cute ,love the Picture-Story :)

    Wish you a great Day ♡

  3. Wonderful picture story. Such family fun (oops, I mean work).

  4. Great Grandmama reads your blog every day, and although she never comments, she said to tell you that she loves it.

  5. So cute! Great group of pictures- we need to get ourselves a wagon.

  6. Precious. The second to last shot is my favorite, but they are wonderful all together! :)

  7. Oh how precious!! What great pictures...

  8. Haha! I love it. It made me think of the Oregon Trail, oh I'm such a child of the 80's! :) I love your pretty, soft light.


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