Friday, June 8, 2012


Up until very recently, we had become acquainted with one of our neighbors.  ONE.  In almost 3 months.  I was starting to wonder if we had moved into another un-neighborly neighborhood like we had for our brief stint in South Carolina.  We had such an idyllic experience with our neighborhood in Illinois, that it was a shock to be basically ignored in South Carolina.  And we tried!  We did!  We waved, took neighborhood walks, practically accosted people at their mail boxes, but it was NOT a neighborly neighborhood.  So I was kind of afraid the same thing would happen here.  But the one neighbor we met has been so so wonderful to us.  He brings us fish that he catches, produce from his garden, and most recently, honey from his his honey bees. 
Have you ever had honey fresh from a hive? Oh my goodness.  Heaven.  I've been eating it on toast sprinkled with cinnamon every morning.  So good.  He's a treasure of a neighbor, and we love him already.  His wife still works, so we don't know her very well, but we're fully prepared to love her, too.  Brian has a fishing outing planned with him for the weekend.  

And just a couple days ago, we met another neighbor!  She brought over a cake for us that said "welcome."  So sweet!
Rowan didn't wait for her to leave, she just started dipping fingers into the cake, much to my embarrassment.  But she just laughed, so that's a good neighbor, right?  We're invited over for dinner with her and her husband this weekend, and so I guess that means I'll have to give her back her cake plate.  Even though I've been looking for one JUST like it- so cute!
Dang it.  But I wanted nice neighbors, so now that we found them, I better keep them by giving back their kitchenware. 

It's always hard finding new friends and finding your niche when you have to move every couple of years.  We are 40 minutes away from base, so it's just a little far to get together with the other Army wives.  It's another painful truth of being a military family.  Just when you get settled and find friends to enjoy, it's time to pack up and move on.  But who knows?  Maybe by the time Brian retires we'll have friends all over the world.  And THAT would be a definite perk of this life.


  1. Wow! That's amazing that she brought you that cake. Hopefully she will tell you to keep the container - it is cute! ;) I would count yourself lucky you have two great neighbours! They definitely can be hard to come by.

  2. Lovely Neighbors! The Cake looks amazing ,delicious :)

    Wish you a great Weekend :)

  3. A neighbor who brings cake; now, that's a good neighbor!

  4. That cake plate is so cute! I think we had one just like that when I was growing up!

    We live in a non-neighborly neighborhood. It's kind of sad, but I don't think we've helped much. Our driveway is in the back so there's never really a need to go out front and I don't make much of an effort. :( I really should. Y'all have fun at dinner!

  5. thanks for adding the search feature! now I can find all my favorite "mtat" recipes/diy/kid pictures whenever i want to. muuah!

  6. Wow, baking a cake is what call very neighborly! We don't even know most of our neighbors after years. It's sad- but that's Boston for you. Awesome for you guys- fresh honey? Yum!

  7. Great pictures; love the cake <3. It's great to have that kind of neighbours!

    Your blog is amazing; I'm a new follower now.


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  8. I'm glad you have met some neighbors. Give it time. We still don't know all our neighbors, but just yesterday--I found out one works at the hospital where I'm delivering! It all works out eventually. Send me some cake!!! That sounds so good. And YOU are a great neighbor too so they are lucky as well, just look at all your blog followers!


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