Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Oh my have we been busy.  We may like to jam-pack in our weekends around here, but this past weekend was a bit ridiculous.  And all for our newly minted 4 year old!  We had my parents visiting last week, so we started the fun for him last Friday by going to his favorite place, the train station.
We watched a few trains go by, and then showed Gigi and Bop the pretty historical area around the Capitol Building. 
We took our time, looked around, and stopped to smell the flowers.
We capped it off with a trip to Barnes and Nobles to play with their trains and maybe pick out a few books to take home.  And of course when Papa got home that night we had cupcakes after Fletcher made a wish or two.
Saturday was the big party day!  Poor Fletcher, there wasn't one kid at his party, but Brian's parents came down, and we had a few neighbors and new friends.  And two dogs, too!  Everyone enjoyed the pool (even the dogs) and Fletcher didn't even mention that there were no kids at his party.  He did like the construction cake I made for him!
I found the idea somewhere on pinterest of course.  But I can't find the original to give credit.  Please forgive me, ingenious person out there!  Fletcher had a great time, and declared it a "great" party.  Rowan just loved on the dogs the whole time, and begged to keep one of them.  Sorry Rowan. 
She also took advantage of Mama being busy by eating the first tomato off our tomato plant like an apple.  At least it was thouroughly enjoyed!  The next morning I think she had a bit of a cake and ice cream hangover. 

We finished off all the celebrating with Fletcher's first trip to the movies to see Brave.  Cute movie, and Fletcher was trasfixed the whole time.  Pretty sure I've never seen him eat so much popcorn in one sitting before! (warning: cell phone pictures ahead)
It was a full weekend, and I feel like I'm still recovering. 


  1. We tend to have very full weekends too! But I figure that's better than sitting around. The kids tend to fight when they are bored. I LOVE the cake. How great for a small boy. He must have loved it!

  2. The Pictures are so cute :) ,look at this Post make happy ♡

    Lovely Greetings from Vienna!

  3. No more growing up, Fletcher! You have to stay four forever. :)

  4. Looks like a fun packed weekend. I saw that construction cake somewhere on interest too and thought it was very cool, but your's is even mire elaborate and impressive!

  5. That grandparent picture is priceless! What a fun weekend y'all had! Very impressive cake - no wonder he loved it! :)

  6. So many fun pics, love that you take us along! :-)

  7. Oh wow, I just love the pic of him in the theater-- so rapt for such a little fella!!

  8. awww what a great weekend and such fun pictures! My son Judah is obsessed with the trains at Barnes and Nobles, he doesn't know that many words but as soon as we walk into Barnes and Nobles he screams "TRAINS!" and of course everyone looks at us as I quickly get him over to the trains :-)
    LOVE the birthday cake! So creative and fun :-)


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