Friday, June 29, 2012

treasure hunt

The day after Fletcher's birthday we had a treasure hunt for him to find his gifts.  Brian had gotten Fletcher a few sailor trinkets, including a telescope and compass.  I suggested drawing treasure maps to find them, and Brian ran with the idea and really came up with a fun little hunt for our 4 year old. 

The first map and present were found in his room.  Swim goggles!  And a map pointing towards the pool.  So he put on his swimsuit, of course.
When I saw the bottle of wine in the pool, I almost dropped the camera and dove in.  But then I saw it was empty except for another map.  Bummer.  For me.  For Fletcher, it was great, I'm sure.
Brian had to help out on this one.  After a quick study of the map, it seemed to be pointing us to the sandbox.
Where we found the compass and another map! 
That map says walk 25 feet to the NE.  A quick lesson on the compass wasn't quite enough, so Brian helped point him to the right place.  Where we found ANOTHER map and the telescope!
The map told us to look the other way through the telescope.  And Fletcher did great with this one!
And off he went to the "x" that marked the treasure!
And of course we found the treasure in the pirate ship!  Er, canoe.
I have to give Brian all the glory.  He did an awesome job with this, and I think Fletcher will have some great memories of turning 4.
Great job, Papa.


  1. I just loved this post. What a memorable birthday!

  2. Good job Brian and Fletcher.

  3. I love treasure hunts- looks like they had a ball! I am also increasingly jealous of your pool as the temperatures rise... I'm sure it's work but I'd love a swim right about now.

  4. That is just too cute!! I used to love doing things like that when my kids were littles {wistful sigh}. Once I tied looonnngg strings, each a different color, to each of their presents & made a crazy maze that went all through the house. They had a great time chasing down their strings & trying to undo the tangles to get to their goodies-- and best of all they had to work together to do it {which, with my two youngest only 13 months apart, was a bit of a struggle when they were toddlers!}

  5. That is adorable! What a fun and sweet idea! I love Tabetha's string idea too. Good inspiration here!

  6. Great idea, must have been so exciting for him! :-)

  7. SUCH a great idea guys! Sebastian's is on Wednesday and I'm always stumped until the day after the birthday when I think of a handful of things I wish I would've done! I need to get on Pinterest.

    Happy Birthday to Fletcher!

  8. Oh how clever! What a fun way to get your birthday presents! The wine bottle in the pool was my favorite part. ;)

  9. That is so incredibly SWEET. Love the bit about the wine. ;)


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